What is RelevantNow?

"The best product, service or idea in the world is useless if no one knows about it..."

RelevantNow is a new concept. Simply answer a few questions to create your own press release, media list and social media posts too. But there is so much more.

We are not an anonymous, over-priced newswire, distribution service or agency. We are your PR hub, a community of users.

It's easy, targeted - and puts you in control.

Large businesses, small companies, artists, individuals, journalists and PR agencies all use us. We help the interesting projects out there, we give voice to the unseen or unheard, journalists get to hear direct from source and we give everyone the opportunity to access and cultivate their specific, tailored media contacts.

RelevantNow help you:

  • Send out well constructed information to your tailored media contacts fast and easily, and develop your own relationships. Our carefully developed media lists are not exhaustive, they are specific, tailored and targeted. We are constantly researching and evolving them based on your results, and they cover tv, radio, print, online and social media in any chosen sector
  • There are loads of hints and tips on writing and our quick answer question format practically writes your release for you, but we can even check your release for you if you need an objective eye
  • We will guide you on when it is the best time to send your story out
  • And keep updating you on what works and on what the media are looking for

We can help you plan a strategy across the year with a quick, easy calendar and email reminders. Or you can tap into the best and brightest PRs and journalists for inspiration on ideas and writing.

We have helped lots of people and brands raise awareness and sales already. See a selection of recent users.

RelevantNow is currently trying to keep our core business free for charitable projects, but we rely on your use and feedback. Tell us your results and ideas, what works and what doesn't. Everyone should be Relevant.

Use RelevantNow to contact the right audience in just a few clicks...

See Who You Could Reach, For Free!

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