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The Team - Gaby Riley, Laura Lomer, Carolyn Wharton & Alex Pardoe
Gaby Riley Illustrated Portrait

Gaby Riley, Director

Cast in the lead role in an ad for Smarties at the age of 4 (nepotism is a great thing!) it looked like a glistening career in Television beckoned. Sadly, a bout of chicken-pox on the day of shooting prevented immediate stardom, but after graduation I gravitated to a career in advertising. This time I was behind the scenes, working as an account handler on brands such as Disney, Speedo and Orange. I soon realised I didn't want to be a cog in a wheel in a large agency, but would prefer to work for myself and offer clients a more focused service. I ran JRPR, a consumer PR agency, successfully for nearly a decade before recognising that this industry needed to change.

@GabyRiley      gaby-riley

Laura Lomer Illustrated Portrait

Laura Lomer, Director

Growing up I always wanted to be the next Marilyn Monroe - but got enticed by the glamour of PR and journalism. I have over 15 years experience working for top agencies and institutions such as Head of Communications at the National Science Museum. I have lived in Madrid, New York and San Francisco and worked as a journalist writing for publications from The Times to the Anaesthetists Newsletter! I am now based in London and am devoted to the cause of online PR. Why the heck can't the individual or company reach everyone they need to easily, online, right now?

@LauraLomer      laura-lomer

Carolyn Wharton Illustrated Portrait

Carolyn Wharton, Director

My degree in Chinese History, Russian studies and German led to a job in publishing at Hodder & Stoughton where I became Head of Languages. Seduced by the vibrancy of the City I became a data analyst and a business strategist at top firms including KPMG and Yell. With a passion for organisation and compartmentalisation many people would call me a geek, but I prefer to think of myself as having intellectual clout! PR and Marketing are ripe for change and I am bringing these brains to bear.

@CarolynWharton      carolyn-wharton

Alex Pardoe Illustrated Portrait

Alex Pardoe, Senior Developer

I was the geeky kid that sat in my bedroom building computers, putting my first one together when I was 5 years old. Naturally I went on to study computer science and when I graduated ended up working in financial services at Rule Financial. RelevantNow has given me the opportunity to build a product from the ground up and to be at the forefront of evolving online PR.

@digitalpardoe      digitalpardoe

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