Everyone always says I "must do PR", but what do they mean? In a nutshell it is a way of promoting yourself, your product, story or service to as wide an audience as possible thus increasing awareness or sales.

Journalists/ Bloggers need new stories every day and you have something you want them to write, talk or tweet about.

Their objective endorsement gives added credibility to your brand.

RelevantNow is an affordable and efficient way to get your information in front of the media that count.

PR agencies can be expensive, but RelevantNow gives everyone the chance to get their information to targeted media (from our PR's secret address book). RelevantNow costs just £150 (incl. VAT) for a year but you can see who you could reach for free.

With RelevantNow you really don't need to. You answer 3 questions about which media is right for your story and the site compiles your tailor made media list. Keep that list for all your stories or re-answer the questions each time to make a new one – your choice.

Our database has been extensively researched over years of working in PR and the media. This is the first time we are giving people access to it.

Alternatively, you can always research and contact individual publications yourself if you have the time, knowledge and know-how.

RelevantNow's database has been extensively researched over years of working in PR and the media. This is the first time we are giving people access to it.

The database consists of traditional and digital media contacts working for national newspapers, glossy magazines, local publications, regional titles, trade press, national and local TV & radio, websites, bloggers and social media feeders.

We cover many different arenas and categories and give specific keywords to match with your stories.

You will get a topline summary of the number of media on your targeted list, with a breakdown of publications at the review stage. If you think there are additional titles you'd like to see, please email us or add them to your list at your review stage.

If we don't cover your business area, please email us and we'll see if we can help.

The standard way to contact the media is by sending a press release (simply the name for a document that outlines your story giving the what, why, where and when). Using RelevantNow, you can compile one fast and easily with no experience required – just a knowledge of your business or idea. Simply answer a few questions and check the draft RelevantNow compiles for sense, punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Alternatively, you can simply upload your own press release on our website and write a brief cover email, or, if your story is short, consider sending a cover email to pitch your story, or give details of an event or award etc.

Don't worry. With RelevantNow, if you choose the 'guidance' route, you simply answer a few questions about your story and it compiles your information in a press release format for you (simply the name for a document that the journalists are used to receiving giving the what, why, where and when), and it helps with spelling. All you have to do is check carefully to ensure it makes sense and that the grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct.

The media react well to concise, precise and clear information (see more in the ‘How do I make my story as strong as possible?' section below). With RelevantNow we can help you achieve this fast and efficiently.

Your story will be competing against many others for coverage so you need to make it as compelling as possible. To achieve the best coverage, you should ensure that it is:

  • New, different or newsworthy
  • Factual
  • Explained succinctly and in a captivating manner, but not too pushy or salesy
  • Sent at the right time (many publications work to 3-month lead times; RelevantNow's website calculates the best time to send your story)
  • Ideally sent with great visuals - these can really 'sell' a story

Other helpful things include:

  • Interesting statistics
  • Endorsement or involvement by celebrities
  • Local or topical information
  • Quotes from spokespeople and 'experts'
  • A personal angle
  • Details of awards
  • Attaching supporting material (e.g. fact sheet, menus, price lists, research documents, distributors, background information etc.)

RelevantNow makes it as easy as possible for you to send your story to the media. You can use the site to create your own press release just by answering a few questions or uploading your own material. RelevantNow gives you a head start by giving you the most relevant contacts available for your sector from our PR's secret address book.

Obviously if you have a revolutionary new product or event you may simply need to launch, but after launch what ideas do you need to become 'news'? These are some key tactics PR's use to attract journalists to write about their clients:

  • Entering and winning awards
  • Running competitions
  • Launching offers
  • Holding launch events
  • Undertaking stunts
  • Undertaking research
  • Linking in with other events (eg National Weeks, or topical issues)
  • Getting celebrity/ third party endorsement
  • Including great visuals, quotes, statistics or a personal angle

If your story is not strong it may still appeal locally if it has a good local angle and obviously more specific magazines are more likely to run more specific stories (e.g. beauty publications on new beauty products, or yachting publications on new boating clothes and equipment).

You may want to send a different communication, in which case you simply choose the 'freestyle route' where you write it yourself. Here you can pitch a story to a certain sector of the media, or send a brief news alert that informs them of a date or event.

Reading publications you would like to feature in gives you an idea of the type of stories they might be interested in, as well as helping you monitor for coverage.

Glossy magazines often work 3 months in advance and other publications are weekly. RelevantNow builds all this in and offers you suggested times to distribute your information. However, if you have a very strong story it is sometimes worth sending it even when the deadlines for lead times have been missed as publications often retain a small amount of space for last minute, strong stories.

The most effective way is to do your PR is to contact the media regularly across the year, at least 6-10 times, but ensure you have a strong story each time.

Quite simply PR raises awareness, helps you sell and expand. It is key to business success and far cheaper and often more valuable than advertising. Almost all large companies develop a PR programme in advance. It is often time consuming and expensive. However, RelevantNow makes the whole process straightforward and easy.

Using RelevantNow you can send communications across the year fast and pre-programmed. You can try different approaches and sectors of the media, plan ahead and react to topical events, and even more importantly it enables you to maintain regular contact and develop relationships.

If you use the service across the year you are more likely to get good results. You'll try out different tactics, learn what works and make contacts. On a strong, individual story we would hope for a 5-10% pick up rate from journalists. Across a year, of 5-10 stories being sent out, this ratio can translate into much higher levels of coverage and consistent awareness, especially if you include topical and newsworthy angles.

You will find the more you use the service the quicker you get, and it will become second nature - an easy and essential part of your marketing strategy that takes no time at all.

Of course you can. It is your tool to use how you want. For example, use RelevantNow to send out a press release launching your hotel to all your key media (local, national, travel) one month. The next month, pitch an article solely to travel publications/ sites/ blogs on your individually tailored hospitality. Offer an interview with customers. The following month do something for your local media.

The site keeps a record of every story and media list you develop which you can reuse, or you can change your approach every time, or even use the service for multiple clients.

Whilst it is good to plan and programme stories in advance across the year, you could also consider reacting to any advantageous events, for example a celebrity may use or endorse your product or there may be a news story that has relevance to your product or project.

Very. The whole idea has been to make contacting the media super simple. All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself, your business and your story and approve the final copy. Then RelevantNow does the rest for you.

Use it once and you will find you get the hang of it. It will save you countless hours of time, effort and money.

RelevantNow sends your information to the right traditional and digital media and we provide advice on following up with your contacts and methods for monitoring coverage. We also give you important hints and tips throughout the process on how to strengthen your story and its appeal to journalists. The site's database of media contacts is constantly being refined to ensure your information gets to precisely the right person. They are the most targeted contacts we know of online.

That said, there is obviously never any guarantee of publication when you go to the media. Journalists assess each story that comes their way and rightly value their independence.

Although success always depends on the strength of a story, from past experience, we would hope for a 5-10% take up. This provides objective endorsement of your product, which is invaluable, and has a big impact on awareness and on your bottom line. Importantly, we will also be sending your story to you in a format that you can use immediately on social media and RelevantNow will promote it on our website, social media pages and affiliated sites for FREE – all increasing your audience. There are no guarantees, but it is a fast and clever way of reaching the right media, and gives you a chance to gain coverage you wouldn't have otherwise.

All communications from journalists go directly to you and most of the time journalists will contact you for further information and input. However, RelevantNow will also send you a detailed email with advice on tools and websites you can use to monitor for pieces, and a template coverage report for your use. We will also tell you how many journalists have looked at your story.

RelevantNow is constantly developing ways of registering response rates from journalists and will share any available information on your campaign, but remember to keep monitoring long after the story has been distributed as many publications have long lead times ie. do not run stories immediately, and journalists often 'file' stories for use later.

RelevantNow is always interested to hear about your coverage and we run an awards ceremony every year where the most successful and innovative campaigns get recognition.

Rarely you may receive negative feedback from journalists – and it is important to remain calm. RelevantNow provides information directly to you after you have used the service on what to do if this occurs.

Social media works in conjunction with traditional and digital media to help raise awareness and increase sales. That is why every story you do on RelevantNow is also sent to you in the perfect format for you to post on your social media. In addition RelevantNow puts your story on all its social media sites and sends your information to key sites that are picked up by social media - such as Huffington Post.

Got a question that's not on the list?

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